Inspirational Speaker

Homeschool (Co-ops, workshops, conferences)dr. stoudt doing a presnetation at a deaf school in jamaica. 10/28/2014

  • Homeschooling Q&A
  • Meeting the PA requirements: Affidavits/objectives/portfolios/logs
  • Teaching styles vs. learning styles
  • Juggling and balancing
  • Multi-level teaching - staying sane
  • Help - High School!
  • Special needs... what do I do?
  • Teaching writing
  • Prescriptive approach to spelling or writing
  • High School Research Papers
  • The road to college - stepping stones
  • Refocusing your heart for the school year
  • Help - what recourse do I have? Keep them after school? Give homework?
  • So you want to become an evaluator?
  • ...Open to suggestions

Dr. Stoudt's presentation on Homeschooling & Inclusive Education by Temple University Instittue on Disabilities from April 12, 2017 Click here


  • Beauty from Ashes
  • The Yielded Life
  • Praying in a Group!?!
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Laura Ingalls/Little House theme - perfect for Mother/Daughter Banquets
  • Custom developed for your theme
  • Custom developed for your focus Bible verse or passage

Other topics

  • Facing a Crisis Pregnancy
  • Adoption
  • ASL
  • Deaf Ministry
  • Mission Trips to Jamaica
  • Raising a Deaf Child

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